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Max Keiser’s Top 15 Quotes About Bitcoin!




Max Keiser Bitcoin quotes

Max Keiser the “high priest” of Bitcoin according to Michael Saylor, has been advising people to buy BTC when it was only trading at a $1. He discovered it’s potential long before the rest of the world. Below we have put together 15 of his best quotes about Bitcoin, not an easy list to put together!

“The biggest obstacle grokking Bitcoin is narcissism. Intellectuals and money managers fail to understand Bitcoin because it’s not about them.”

“Bitcoin is the seducer; Bitcoin hits the G spot, in a loving way.”

“The upside is virtually infinite, because Bitcoin has no top. Why? Because fiat money has no bottom.”

“As Voltaire once said, “All fiat money returns to its intrinsic value of zero,” and we’re gonna see this with the US Dollar.”

“Gold is the poor man’s Bitcoin. As availability for Bitcoin dries up, those hoping to escape inflation will be forced to buy gold.”

“Bitcoin is a post-natal existence. You’re ripped out of the fiat womb into the Bitcoin reality and nobody fully understands it.”

“Bitcoin is the last mile, then we’ll all be home.”

“Bitcoin is not right or left. It’s on its own vector. Fiat money promotes war. Paul Krugman over at the NY Times said that the US dollar is backed by men with guns … the US dollar fosters violence, it’s backed by violence … Bitcoin is peace.”

“Bitcoin is a shield, not a sword.”

“Humans forgot what’s valuable about life and the heavens above so God steered the cypherpunks toward discovering Bitcoin. We are now rediscovering what’s truly valuable and this is good.”

“For 10 years we’ve been telling you that central banks are the problem and Bitcoin is the answer. For 1/2 million average folks in 100 countries that dumped bank fiat trash and bought Bitcoin, the reality of being extremely wealthy is real. And we’re just getting started …”

“Coinbase is an unlicensed casino operating in California. Shitcoins are just random numbers on a roulette wheel; Coinbase is simply a croupier taking illegal bets. PREDICTION: Gambling will soon be legalized in CA.”

“The state of Bitcoin’s deterministic decentralization is unique and the basis for its role as the apex predator of money. No fiat money, altcoin, or gold will be able to defend itself against Bitcoin’s all-consuming appetite for energy and domination.”

“Bitcoin is the native currency of the global unconscious.”

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