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David Dobrik’s Net Worth in 2023 and How he Makes his Money




David Dobrik’s Net Worth

One of the most famous vloggers in the history of YouTube, Slovakian born David Dobrik has done incredibly well for himself at the young age of 24. With multiple channels each boasting tens of millions of subscribers, it isn’t
hard to understand how David keeps surprising his friends with Teslas and Lamborghinis, on top of keeping a $120,000 Model X and a $240k Ferrari for his own enjoyment. I mean, you’ve gotta have an appropriate couple of luxury vehicles when you’re living it up in a $9.5 million mansion in the heart of Los Angeles.

Currently Davids channel is growing at 600,000 subscribers every month and his vlogs are averaging around 10 million views per video. Even the likes of Casey Neistat and Logan Paul never got average views that high. Although most of his videos do get monetized, he still works with some of the biggest brands in the world and has a very popular merch line giving him an estimated net worth of $7 million.

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Another really interesting thing about David is he goes against many of the principles that YouTubers follow. His videos are all four minutes and 20 seconds long which is short when you compare to other vloggers. He also uses copyrighted songs and swears a lot in his videos without censorship so they can’t be monetized. Despite all of this, his channel is still growing exponentially.

David’s early beginnings as a creator began on Vine in 2013. He started off posting comedy sketches and within a year, he had his 100,000 followers. Vine helped him build an audience for himself of over 1 million followers but it also taught him about things like branding, algorithms and the power of collaborations. However, David was one of the first vloggers to realize that he needed to jump ship to prolong his career.

YouTuber is a much more established and stable place for creators to make money. After previously trying a collaboration YouTube channel with other Viners, David went out on his own and started his current channel in 2015. Vine stopped in 2017 and while others scrambled to build an audience, David already had over 2 million YouTube subscribers.

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The key thing was though that David was able to migrate his audience and translate his skills over to YouTube. He essentially used the platform that was very easy to grow on and then moved this audience onto YouTube. David wasn’t the only Viner to do this but he was one of the first and was one of the best prepared for the switch.

David’s roots in Vine also leads to evolving his content. David decided to adapt what he was already, David mixes scripted sketches with organic content so you’re getting the best of Vine and the best of traditional vlogging. Hilarious entertainment value but also more depth of a storyline and some really intimate moments. His videos never outstay their welcome, David keeps his audience engaged and it just leaves you wanting more. The cuts are often similar in length to Vine every 7 seconds, so the pace is relentless.

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Particularly with vlogging, many creators drive their videos too much to increase their watch time. David packs a punch with his content as there’s absolutely no filler. His use of camera angles is also really interesting, he films 80% of the time in point of view so it feels like you’re really there and part of his friend group. I’ve noticed a lot of other content creators have began to take inspiration for their own videos. I think we will see more and more vloggers favoring this punchy fast-paced style.

David uses his friends to add extra dimensions to his videos. His vlogs have been described as a YouTube sitcom and in many ways this is a brilliant description. We all know the vlog squad – a collection of other famous personalities who feature regularly in David’s videos. While David is the guy with the camera, none of his crazy stunts and hilarious moments would be possible without this wide cast of characters. David is a great example of the power of collaboration on a smaller scale.

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David is great at outsmarting the YouTube algorithm and doesn’t exactly follow the YouTube rulebook. If the guys over at YouTube HQ designed the perfect YouTuber, they’d make videos over 10 minutes long, never swear and only make family-friendly content. Yet David still gets pushed to more and more people every day through the YouTube algorithm. His thumbnails and titles are clickable which give him a really high click-through rate and despite the fact his videos are short, his audience sticks around for the whole video. Even though David goes against a lot of what YouTube like, his videos are just so infectious that they still get picked up and pushed by the algorithm. From his beginnings on Vine to now being one of the biggest creators on YouTube, David has stuck to his guns and never tried to follow the crowd. If his current growth is anything to go by, we’re going to see him expand his following online and wealth.

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