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James Charles Net Worth in 2023




James Charles Net Worth

At the young age of 21, James Charles has a net worth of $12 million. The New York beauty mogul has accomplished more than most people could in multiple lifetimes. Besides shaking the beauty industry and preconceptions about what a beauty influencer can look like to their core, James has created one of the most massive, influential make-up empires in the world.

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In late 2020, James’ new Sister merch line was shared on social media by the likes of Kim Kardashian herself, just to give you an idea of how big a deal this guy really is. Add his nearly 22 million subscribers on top of all that, and it’s not hard to understand that James is pulling in some big-sister bucks. So a purchase like the $7 million, 10,000 square foot mansion really doesn’t seem like too big a splurge for someone of James’ caliber.

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The $7 million mansion in LA, the 6 bedroom, 10 bathroom residence is complete with maid quarters, indoor spa and sauna, games room and lounge wine cellar, movie theater and even a mirror wall gym and that’s just the inside. Out back the pool and spa are surrounded by a cabana and large open kitchen and entertaining area. James might not be the athletic type but the mansion also comes with a hoop and a half court just in case, all of this for being good with a makeup brush.

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So while estimates rank his current net worth at somewhere around $12 million, I’d venture to say that’s extremely low. With 4 million average daily views, his YouTube channel alone is generating at least $7 million annually, and that’s not including all his major sponsorships, brand partnerships and successful make-up and merch lines. Having done so much in such a short time, the sisters are all eager to see where James’ ever-growing success will take him next.

His side gigs have netted him a pretty penny opening the morph cosmetics store in the UK and becoming the first male spokesmodel for Cosmetics brand Cover Girl – all this cash needs to be spent right well it did and in the most grand manner.

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