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Parker Schnabel Net Worth in 2023 : The Gold Rush Star is Minted!




Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel is a gold miner turned reality star. He was born in a family of gold miners, so it only made sense that he would follow suit.

Packer is one of the most successful stars on the long-running reality show Gold Rush and its spin of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

As per, Schnabel has gained a fortune of $10 million since he started mining gold. He’s showing no sign of stopping anytime soon, especially with his growing popularity.

So how did he do it?

Let’s explore how Parker Schnabel gained such a huge net worth within a short period.

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Estimated Net Worth $10 million
Birth Date 22 July 1994
Age  26 years old
Profession Reality Star
Status  Single

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Early Career 

Being raised in a family of gold miners, Parker enjoyed a great deal of knowledge and experience that was at his disposal. Both his grandfather and father were professionals in the gold mining industry.

By the age of 16, he knew he wanted to mine gold all his life. With his parents’ permission, he used his college money to start his gold mining company. Since then, money has been pouring in.

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Life in Gold Mining and Reality TV

He first appeared in the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush” in 2010.  The show gained a huge following, and it became one of the most famous TV shows on the Discovery Channel.  The show concluded in its eighth season, and Schnabel featured in all the episodes.

The Gold Rush series followed Parker on his Gold mining adventures. By the fourth season, he and his team were able to find an astonishing 1029 oz of gold. That not all! In the fifth season, luck was on their side again, and they mined over 3,350 oz of gold.

He also starred in another reality TV show Gold Rush: The Dirt’s, which aired from 2012 to 2016.  Parker has now branched further into Television show production. He now produces and stars in a new spin-off series called Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Since the establishment of his company, Parker has mined gold worth $13 million. This helps to explain his net worth of $10 million.

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How Parker Schnabel Spend his Money

Parker doesn’t own his place yet. He says he’s not sure where he wants to live. He’s usually held up filming his shows Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Packer’s Trail.

He goes out with friends for a beer, but most of his money is spend on big excavators and machinery.  Packer doesn’t waste his money on fancy cars and homes. He rather spends it buying new equipment that will improve his operations.

Repair and improvement of machinery also take a huge chunk of his money.

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