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Graham Stephan Net Worth in 2023 : YouTube’s Top Real Estate Agent




Graham Stephan Net Worth

The internet is constantly improving due to technological advancements. Through the use of social media platforms, entrepreneurs can build up huge followings and generate passive income. One of these individuals is YouTube personality, Graham Stephan.

His entertaining commentary videos have helped thousands of people to learn about investing. You may be wondering, “how was he able to amass such an impressive fortune?”. This article will discuss how Graham Stephan makes money, his current net worth, and relationship status.

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Graham Stephan’s Background

Graham was born on April 22, 1990 and grew up in Santa Monica, California. When he got his real estate license at 18, Graham decided to skip college and launched himself in the world of real estate. He started off doing lease deals before working his way up to selling millionaire dollar mansions in the LA hills.

Current Net Worth

Currently, Graham has an estimated net worth of $6 million and has sold over $120 million worth of real estate since 2008. He is working for a real estate brokerage company called The Oppenheim Group, which is located in Los Angeles. The Oppenheim Group have recently become well-known through their reality TV show on Netflix, Selling Sunset. Unfortunately Graham only features in the background of some scenes in Selling Sunset. 

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How Graham Makes His Money

Real Estate Agent

Many of us are aware that real estate is a lucrative industry if you can make it to the top.  Before Graham started in the industry, he likely had useful information which helped him jumpstart his career. Considering that his clients are responsible for a $120 million portfolio, you can only imagine how much he makes from his property sales and purchases.

YouTube Channel

Aside from Graham’s successful real estate business, he also has a strong online presence. His YouTube channel mainly revolves around financial news, investing, real estate and reaction videos. Receiving about 280,000 views per day, he earns around $4000 each day with adsense revenue. Graham’s impressive following also allows him to endorse products, WeBull is the main service he likes to promote in every video. 

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Graham has an online store where he sells his merchandise. Products include shirts, caps, hoodies, and mobile phone covers, all of them containing his signature catchphrases. This provides him yet another way to make money.

Online Course

With his considerable real estate knowledge and experience, Graham decided to run an online course, The Real Estate Agent Academy. Through this program, he teaches everything you need to know to become a “successful Real Estate Agent with a six-figure income” starting with limited experience or connections. Currently, the course costs a whopping $500 to sign up. 

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Graham Stephan’s Girlfriend

Although he prefers to keep his personal life private, many are aware that he is romantically involved with another YouTuber named Savannah Smiles. Furthermore, she posts vlogs with Graham and appears on his channel as well.


Graham Stephan is living proof that hard work pays off in the long run. At a young age, he was able to achieve his millionaire status, making the most of his revenue from online ventures. Furthermore, Graham remains transparent, unlike other entrepreneurs who choose to keep their secrets from the public.

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