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MrBeast Net Worth in 2023: How Rich is He?




MrBeast Net Worth

Not all YouTube content creators make it big with their unique content, but that is not the case for American YouTubers, MrBeast.

At just the age of 21-year-old, MrBeast has built a net worth of about $15 million. But how did he do it? Does he make all his money from YouTube?

We can only answer this question by looking at his career and accomplishments over the years. So, here is what we discovered.

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Estimated Net Worth $10 to 15 million
Birth Date 7 May 1998
Profession YouTuber, Philanthropist.
Side Income Merch, T-Shirts, Artwork

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The Success in the Entertainment industry
Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, began his rise to fame with his YouTube video series Worst Intros. He also has other popular series, including Worst YouTube Channels Ever.

Worst Intros, his most popular video series boasts over 20 million views—it is about the worst intros ever among the different YouTubers.

MrBeast also is famous for doing outrageous things in his videos like donating money to attractive Twitch Streamer, counting to 100,00 in one video, buying cars with pennies, or tipping delivery guys with $100,000.

His channel boasts over 40 million subscribers as of today and has 7 billion views in total. What is even surprising, his channel can garner over more than 8 million a day from various sources. He can get an average of $40k per day and $15 million annually from running ads on his videos.

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MrBeast receives more income from companies that sponsor his videos. He has promoted famous brands like Quidd, TikTok, GSGO, and Lotto.

By 2018 December, he had given out over $1 million via his outlandish stunts, gaining him the title “YouTube, the biggest Philanthropist.”

He puts on attention-grabbing charity stunts and donations because he realized early enough that he enjoyed helping people. He also noticed the more his giveaways were and the more unique way his methods of delivering seemed, the more subscribed he received.

AdSense income also makes a huge part of his source of revenue. Although we can’t say for sure how much he makes, it’s estimated he earns over $500, 000 a month. But it also depends on the periods. In December most companies spend lots of money on ads, so he might be making more money than the mentioned figure.

On social media, his Instagram account has over 9 million followers. It estimated brands pay him at least $9,000 per post.

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What Does MrBeast Spend His Fortune on?
MrBeast goes around his city, donating $1,000 to as many homeless people as he can find. He even donated $10,000 to a homeless man once.

He creates his custom brands, which he promotes on his channels. He sells his tees, hoodies, apparel, and headwear on his merchandise store.

Jimmy recently launched a campaign to raise $20 million to plant trees.

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